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On this momentous day, in which the very nature of American politics may be defined anew for the foreseeable future, Jonah wanted to have on Razib Khan, director of science at Insitome, to talk about the most relevant, up-to-the-minute, topical subject so that, in this consciousness-shifting moment, we may be able to hold on for dear life and come up with a coherent worldview amidst the chaos. That subject, you ask? Dog genetics. How did Man’s Best Friend become such a highly variegated species – some big, some small, some smart, others dumb, and on and on with countless other variables? Razib fills us in on the state of research into canine development over the last 10,000 years, why the regional variations between lineages of dog are so distinct, and how the new frontiers of this genetic research seek to address “how these animals became what they are, and how they evolved alongside humans in response to environmental pressures.” We also get to hear Razib voice what may be the most controversial statement of our political era: “Wolves are smarter than dogs.” Tune in to hear Razib defend this heretical stance.

Show Notes:

-Razib’s freshly-minted newsletter

-Get tickets for The Dispatch’s event, “What’s Next: Election 2020 and Beyond”

-Razib in Quillette: “The Evolutionary History of Man’s Best Friend”

-The Remnant with Cass Sunstein

-Eusocial animals

-The Invaders: How Humans and Their Dogs Drove the Neanderthals to Extinction

-Przewalski’s Horse

-Origins and genetic legacy of prehistoric dogs

-NYT writeup of the Science magazine article

-Ancestry’s German-turned-Irish guy

-Border Collie intelligence

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Episode 232 · 7 months ago

The Two Davids

With Jonah traipsing about somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness, David French takes over the hosting duties to welcome David Bahnsen back on. David and David talk COVID, policy, and faith. After a jab at Jonah — will he really write a book on bigfoot erotica? — the Davids discuss team good vs. team lesser evil, noting that while Scripture anticipated the Assyrians, it didn’t predict Hillary Clinton. All hail King Dave!

Show Notes:

-Jonah, off the grid in Alaska 

-Bahnsen’s daily missal 

-Tennessee COVID-19 response 

-Francis Schaeffer

-Crisis of Responsibility (with a foreword by your host!) 

-The abandonment of Reagan’s 3-legged stool 

-God’s warning for the people of Judah not to seek help from Egypt against the Assyrians 

-“Jonah’s first book.” 

-Advisory Opinions, with Official Jonah Impersonator David French for an extra 3 months free on a 12 month plan to get free quotes and to stop overpaying on your insurance 

Episode 231 · 7 months ago

An Open, Frank Ruminant

On this episode, Jonah ruminates from his igloo (we hope - wouldn’t that be cool?) on some Alaska stories, the American founding, relativism in language, and why good manners are more important (and more complicated) than you might think.

Show Notes:

-Alaskans plug in their cars

-The mighty Gavora Mall

-The members-only Wednesday “news”letter

-Remnant with John McWhorter

-Tony Montana … asserts his dominance? … by eating the lemon in the washing bowl

-Orwell’s Orphans 

-Jonah’s dueling essay with Patrick Deneen 

Episode 230 · 7 months ago

But First, Cut the Green Wire

Episode 229 · 7 months ago

Watch Your Language

Jonah has long awaited the chance to have Columbia University linguist John McWhorter on the show, and now he’s finally here. In a particularly un-rank episode of The Remnant, Jonah asks John about the shifting nature of language, and if it’s really a good thing that usage shifts so rapidly (e.g. “literally”). Also, what grammar police campaigns have been successful in preserving grammatical order, and where have they failed?

Show Notes:

-John’s many, many books 

-John’s podcast, Lexicon Valley 

-Jonah’s piece on Biden’s use of “literally” 

-Once more, Paul Bloom’s Just Babies, use promo code “dingo” for 25% off your first order