Episode 60: Stray Cats and Screaming Chyrons


Jonah invites Senator Ben Sasse (R-Corn) back to The Remnant for a wide-ranging conversation on the Republican Party, the state of our government, and…cats. Show Notes:  DonorsTrust, this week’s sponsor Ben Sasse’s new cat  Kill all cats? Sasse on leaving the Republican Party  Sasse on congressional self-neutering Ramesh’s response to Sasse A Conflict of Visions by … Continue reading Episode 60: Stray Cats and Screaming Chyrons

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Episode 231 · 3 weeks ago

An Open, Frank Ruminant

On this episode, Jonah ruminates from his igloo (we hope - wouldn’t that be cool?) on some Alaska stories, the American founding, relativism in language, and why good manners are more important (and more complicated) than you might think.

Show Notes:

-Alaskans plug in their cars

-The mighty Gavora Mall

-The members-only Wednesday “news”letter

-Remnant with John McWhorter

-Tony Montana … asserts his dominance? … by eating the lemon in the washing bowl

-Orwell’s Orphans 

-Jonah’s dueling essay with Patrick Deneen 

Episode 229 · 3 weeks ago

Watch Your Language

Jonah has long awaited the chance to have Columbia University linguist John McWhorter on the show, and now he’s finally here. In a particularly un-rank episode of The Remnant, Jonah asks John about the shifting nature of language, and if it’s really a good thing that usage shifts so rapidly (e.g. “literally”). Also, what grammar police campaigns have been successful in preserving grammatical order, and where have they failed?

Show Notes:

-John’s many, many books 

-John’s podcast, Lexicon Valley 

-Jonah’s piece on Biden’s use of “literally” 

-Once more, Paul Bloom’s Just Babies, use promo code “dingo” for 25% off your first order