From Court-Packing to Wilson-Bashing


TO OUR FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Not seniors this time around, but Remnant listeners, that is. Jonah returns to ruminate with some fire in his belly this week – on the wasting of energy on Twitter, the bizarre phenomenon of the mainstream-media respectable conservative, court packing, The Worst President in History™, a revisiting of the weed conversation from the last Remnant, and more. Also, the quote of the day – or maybe the month, or the year – might be this: “The very essence of serious thinking … is the ability to make distinctions between superficially similar things.”

Show Notes:

-This week’s G-File

-Steve Schmidt picks a pointless fight with Matt Lewis and Noah Rothman

-“Respectable Conservatives”

-Brian Morgenstern invokes HIPAA rights when talking about Trump’s negative COVID test

-“A switch in time saves nine”

-“Heil Woodrow,” something of a self-own in review form


-This week’s Remnant with Jonathan Adler

-In case you also wanted to get addicted to a Star Trek to subscribe to We the People and listen to Frederick Hess on education policy

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Episode 236 · 4 months ago

Podcast Pâté

What do canned meats and the Montreal Cognitive Assessment have in common? Are there any real rebels in American culture? Why shouldn’t gerbils be allowed to eat beets? Join Jonah in the passenger seat of his car to have all of these pressing questions and more answered on this weekend’s Ruminant.

Show Notes:

-The latest G-File

-The most horrifying term: Forcemeat 

-The test Trump took, in case you want to test yourself 

-Silliness in our law enforcement conversations

-The longstanding Marxist focus on heightening contradictions 

-David’s controversy-causing newsletter 

-David Brooks on nonconformity 

-Hegel’s Dialectics 

Episode 235 · 4 months ago

Various Sub-Doodles

The punditry is strong today as Jonah and Luke Thompson meet at the intersection of conservatism and the Constitution. Stopping briefly for some quick jabs at Rep. Mike Gallagher and some comments that will definitely be taken out of context, we hear deep insights about big-kid words like “impoundment” and “rescission.”

Show Notes:

-Constitutionally Speaking, a podcast with Luke and Jay Cost

-The Wisdom of Conservatism by Peter Witonski 

-Anti-impoundment act 

-Luke’s article in the Spectator about the veepstakes 

Episode 233 · 4 months ago

Very Bad Philosophers

A rental-car bound Jonah invites his research assistant Nick Pompella onto the show from the reclusive Zoom cave in which Nick usually resides — or in this case, the dankness of Jonah’s basement as Nick housesits. Topping the docket today is a discussion of “whiteness,” along with verbal distress over how to pronounce “Parler” and the chilling acknowledgment that the government is the only entity that can legally kill you.

Show Notes:

-Barton Fink 

-Page about “Whiteness” from the NMAAHC 

-Pew data on church attendance by race/ethnicity 

-Michael Burleigh’s The Third Reich 

-Fukuyama’s Origins of Political Order

-Slavoj Žižek 

-David Skarbek on the Remnant

-The article Nick found about Slack channels as the new water coolers

-David French’s hosting of the Remnant earlier this week

-Wednesday’s G-File, written from Alaska