The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg
The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg

Episode 233 · 1 year ago

Very Bad Philosophers


A rental-car bound Jonah invites his research assistant Nick Pompella onto the show from the reclusive Zoom cave in which Nick usually resides — or in this case, the dankness of Jonah’s basement as Nick housesits. Topping the docket today is a discussion of “whiteness,” along with verbal distress over how to pronounce “Parler” and the chilling acknowledgment that the government is the only entity that can legally kill you.

Show Notes:

-Barton Fink 

-Page about “Whiteness” from the NMAAHC 

-Pew data on church attendance by race/ethnicity 

-Michael Burleigh’s The Third Reich 

-Fukuyama’s Origins of Political Order

-Slavoj Žižek 

-David Skarbek on the Remnant

-The article Nick found about Slack channels as the new water coolers

-David French’s hosting of the Remnant earlier this week

-Wednesday’s G-File, written from Alaska 

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